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Azerbaijan protests to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry over TV report

The protest was related to the report that spread false information about the Karabakh conflict


Azerbaijan's embassy in Kiev has sent a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry over a biased report on Karabakh made by Inter TV.

This is what a spokesman for the Azerbaijani embassy in Ukraine, Elnur Abdullayev, told 1news.Az today.

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elkhan Polukhov confirmed that the note had been sent. He said that the Inter TV report distorted the main point of the Karabakh conflict and presented the arguments of only the Armenian side.

Polukhov said the report made an attempt to challenge the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

“The protest was related to the report that spread false information about the Karabakh conflict. There was an attempt to challenge the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan that is recognized by all countries. The note also said that such reports can harm high level bilateral relations,” Polukhov said.

The spokesman said that representatives of the Azerbaijani embassy would hold a meeting at the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to reiterate Azerbaijan’s position.

Inter TV's film follows a recent anti-Azerbaijani film on Karabakh by Euronews.

The film made and shown by Inter TV, posted on the podrobnosti.ua website, distorts the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and presents only the arguments of the Armenian side. The “lopsided” film creates a false impression of the point and history of the conflict.

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Official complaints

Inter TV producer Nazim Bedirov invited complainants to make an official approach to the company.

"We are an information company and actually we have observed neutrality as journalism primarily envisages parity in presenting information. If you think that some issues were distorted and misinterpreted, you can mention this and make your suggestions in a written appeal. It will be a great pleasure to receive your invitation to make a report about Azerbaijan," Bedirov said.

He said that Inter had not featured the Azerbaijani side in the film as it is difficult to get to Karabakh from Azerbaijan.

"We are an independent television company and no-one has ever accused us of being partial in presenting information. If you have complaints, I suggest that you send them to us. You can find our contact details on the Internet and we will take great pleasure in considering a visit by our camera crew to Azerbaijan to cover this story," Bedirov said.

According to information posted on the inter.ua web site, Inter's shareholders are the Ukrainian Media-Project – 61%, First Channel 29% and Pegasus Television 10%.




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Azerbaijan protests to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry over TV report [2009-12-09]
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