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The Centre of Effective Initiatives

Public association of studying
and propagation of democratic ideas 

«The Centre of Effective Initiatives»


Public association «The Centre of Effective Initiatives» (CEI) is created in 2005 by the initiative group consisting of journalists, political scientists, lawyers. In April, 2005 the organization has passed the state registration in the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic.

CEI - the non-governmental organization created for the purpose of support of development of democratic processes, institutes of a civil society, reforms in social and humanitarian areas in the Azerbaijan Republic, for the purpose of assistance to research, propagation and propaganda of history, culture, national values of the Azerbaijan people, azerbaijanians idea, intercultural dialogue and tolerance in Azerbaijan.

As one of main objectives CEI considers entering of the feasible contribution into expansion and a strengthening of relations between the Azerbaijan communities, the organizations of the Azerbaijan diaspora in the world.

CEI supports deepening of mutual relations between power structures and institutes of a civil society in Azerbaijan in a context of deepening of democratic transformations.

 * * *

Organization fields of activity:

- Monitoring of a political, social and economic, humanitarian situation in the country, preparation of corresponding information-analytical materials and their publication in mass-media.

- Assistance to revealing, propagation and realization of rational initiatives in political, social and economic and humanitarian areas, carrying out of sociological interrogations, the organization of conferences, «round tables» on actual political questions.

- Cooperation with the local and foreign non-governmental organizations, institutes of a civil society, participation in various associations NGO.

 * * *

Activity of CEI carries out researches, prepares regular analytical materials on actual geopolitical (regional) and internal political themes, questions of public and social and economic life of the country which are published in mass-media in the Azerbaijan and Russian languages.

In parliamentary elections in Milli Meclis in 2005 analytical group CEI had been carried out research of history of parliament Azerbaijan, and also the general monitoring of the parliamentary elections which results have been published in periodicals is carried out, and also are placed on sites.

CEI co-operates with non-governmental structures, public figures, scientific foreign countries, spends the international conferences.

So, in 2006 and 2008 at the initiative of CEI was the international conferences devoted to history of Germans in Azerbaijan (1819-1941) which well known scientists from Germany have taken part.  

 * * *

Since 2008 CEI carries out the project «From national identity in the global world: a platform of researches and propagation».

The donor of the project – The Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Within the limits of the project is prepared and publisted the book-calendar «History of Azerbaijan: day after day» (2008), and also the site www.azerbaycanli.org

The second stage of the project covers May-October, 2009.

 * * *

Since 2006 CEI is one of founders of the Network of the information and cooperation of the non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan on struggle against corruption.

 * * *

Address: AZ 1065. Baku, T.Shahbazi str. 101.

Tel: (994 12 497 – 74-31; (994 12 497 – 74 – 32.

Site: www.azerbaycanli.org

Director CEI: Khanlar Mammadov (xanlar@azerbaycanli.org)

Coordinator (Manager of projects): Vugar Aliyev (vuqar@azerbaycanli.org)





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