“I am proud of that I am azerbaijanian”

Heydar Aliyev
29.11.2019, 18:10

Cultural Diversity - National Wealth

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An electronic compilation in three languages on the traditions of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan has been prepared...

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Cultural diversity is one of the most important factors of a country's national wealth. Since ancient times, Azerbaijan has become famous as the birthplace of different peoples and served as a kind of bridge between the cultures of the East and West. Today, representatives of different ethnic groups live in Azerbaijan. The state guarantees all national minorities the opportunity to preserve, develop and strengthen their cultural heritage.

The multinationality and multiculturalism of Azerbaijan is our common heritage, we must preserve it and present it to the world at the proper level. A project implemented by the Center for Effective Initiatives (CEI) public association with financial assistance from the Council of State Support for NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan also serves this cause. Within the framework of the project, an electronic collection “Cultural Diversity - National Wealth” was prepared in three (Azerbaijani, Russian and English) languages ​​and posted on azerbaycanli.org - an electronic resource of the CEI.

The project is intended to contribute to informing the world community about the traditions of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan, about state policy and measures being taken to preserve and increase the cultural heritage of national minorities and ethnic groups living in our country. The collection includes bibliography, international and national legal acts and documents on this topic, articles and materials of a research nature, as well as an extensive information base on multiculturalism in Azerbaijan, on events held in the country and abroad in this area.

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