“I am proud of that I am azerbaijanian”

Heydar Aliyev
22.10.2020, 17:00

The Jewish community in Azerbaijan plays an invaluable role in strengthening relations between the two countries

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Israeli Minister for Diaspora Affairs Omer Yankelevich sent a letter to Fuad Muradov, Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora. In the letter, it was noted that the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State of Israel are very important partners, and the Jewish community in Azerbaijan, as well as the Azerbaijani community of Israel, play an invaluable role in strengthening of relations between the two countries. 

Omer Yankelevich emphasized the importance of further deepening cooperation in order to maintain a high level of the development of insterstate and intercommunal relations in the future.

The Minister also stressed the significance of the virtual meeting with the Chairman of the State Committee, which played an invaluable role in strengthening intercommunal relations, and thanked Fuad Muradov for the encounter.

Moreover, the Minister also expressed its intention to visit Azerbaijan in the near future.